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Van Halen cross stitch pattern

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Van Halen! Their iconic logo seemed designed specifically to be doodled onto desks and lockers in the 80s by teenage boys everywhere.  Good thing the music survived beyond that! This version combines three distinct elements:

- The original logo with banner as it appeared on 1978's Van Halen.
- The 3D logo as it appeared on Van Halen II in 1979
- Eddie Van Halen's famed DIY "Frankenstrat" paint job.

The banner is metal-ed up a bit, and the half stitches on the 3D sides keep the colors true but reduce the amount of actual color reflected which in turn gives the illusion of reducing the amount of light reflected.

In Van Halen's own words: Everybody wants some...How 'bout you?

Project contains: -Full stitches -Tent stitches (half stitches) -Quarter stitches -Backstitching

Stitched area is 120x165 (8¾”x4¾”) on 14 ct fabric - perfect for an 8x10 frame.

This is a PDF file of a cross stitch pattern, not the finished product. PDFs can be instantly downloaded by following the download links after payment. Included in the PDF pattern is a color photo, and a black & white chart with a legend for DMC floss.

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