These are some of the people and resources who have helped make The Manly Art of Cross Stitch what it is today.

Lord Libidan
Lord Libidan is a contemporary cross stitch designer who focuses on pop culture, video games and Japanese themes.  His blog goes way beyond the standard tips, and digs really deep to bring you information you didn't even consider about the world of cross stitching.  More importantly he has gone above and beyond and has really helped get me up to speed on publishing my designs.


Mr X Stitch is THE resource for anything related to embroidery and textile art.  He publishes a digital cross stitch magazine every quarter featuring tips, interviews with stitchers of note, and of course scads of fresh designs.  It even features me as a contributing designer from time to time.  Subscribe to the magazine, and watch for new designs from The Manly Art of Cross Stitch.


Stacy Grant Photography
Stacy Grant is a freelance food and craft photographer.  For each of my contributions to XStitch Magazine, she has helped expand the concept, and give each design more depth.  I'm truly grateful to her for lending her talent to my work.


Looking for the latest in Goth or Punk fashions and accessories?  My friends at Petunia Rocks have it!  They even have Manly Art of Cross Stitch designs for sale (though you gotta go see their booth at horror, rock and oddities conventions to get them).


Teresa Wentzler
Teresa's designs helped make me the designer I am today.  Thanks to her, I lost my fear of fractional stitches, blends, metallics and beads.  My style is very different from hers, but I learned a lot stitching her designs - specifically Tradewinds.