Free Stuff

Some things are too good not to give away.  Those things are listed here, so help yourself, and enjoy.

The 5-Pointed Star

I wouldn't go as far as to say I invented a new specialty stitch, but I did chart a 5-pointed star for use in cross stitching. This is modified from an existing embroidery stitch. I stitched this on 80s-pink aida for my "Totally 80s - the A-Z of 80s Rock" pattern.

Use it. Share it. Enjoy it. If you like it, give me a shout-out on Facebook when you use it. 


The Dot Stitch

This 4-stitch by 4-stitch dot was also invented as part of my "Totally 80s" pattern.  Technically a vertical double cross stitch with a backstitch outline, but let's not nit pick.  Sometimes you need the perfect little dot.  Here it is.


The Manly Logo

I designed this for retail locations that carry my designs in order for their customers to get information quickly, but then I realized its a fun design to stitch.  There's some more advanced backstitching and even a couple of French Knots (excellent tutorial from Sublime Stitching).  Stitch it up and show some love for the Manly Art of Cross Stitch.


The Manly Art of Cross Stitch logo and QR code


This is not actually a Manly Art of Cross Stitch piece.  I redesigned the words for Teresa Wentzler's Tradewinds and replaced the alphabet with a quote by John Masefield.  This chart is *very* raw (not the polished perfection you're used to from, and you MUST have an original Tradewinds chart in order to use this.  If you put it to use, I'd love to see the results.  You can also find the over-1 charts for the mermaids.  These are not mine, and the only form I have them in is jpgs.

Tradewinds Quote
Left Mermaid
Right Mermaid